Vetting Committee

Main aims
The Committee’s main aim is to foster INTERTANKO members’ interests in relation to inspections and screenings undertaken and performed by port state control, the United States Coast Guard, oil and chemical charterers, P&I Clubs, hull underwriters, and terminals, etc. with the long term goal of reducing the proliferation of multiple inspections.

To this end the Committee:

  • Continues to promote INTERTANKO’s Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) and works to establish this as a recognised industry standard.
  • Maintains an open dialogue with OCIMF/CDI and the oil and chemical companies to encourage input of INTERTANKO’s ideas.
  • Participates in relevant industry work pertaining to Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA)
  • Produces relevant TMSA benchmarking systems for the benefit of INTERTANKO Members
  • Encourages the use of the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) or SIRE by charterers, port state control and others to reduce the number and scope of inspections.
  • Encourages co-operation and harmonisation between ship vetting Systems
  • Encourages the harmonisation of port state control (PSC) targeting systems and the sharing of PSC detention information to assist with enhanced targeting
  • Encourages the harmonisation of PSC training standards.
  • Promotes and encourages methods to maintain the integrity of PSC.
  • Promotes and encourages the use of INTERTANKO’s Terminal Vetting Database
  • Promotes recognition of the statutory work performed by classification societies with an emphasis on the IMO enhanced program for the survey of oil tankers, e.g. The Enhanced Survey Program (ESP), and the Condition Assessment Program (CAS)
  • Shares the information collated from INTERTANKO’s vetting inspection and PSC inspection feedback forms with interested parties who can use the information to continually improve.
  • Ensures that the work of this group assists in achieving the long-term goals of INTERTANKO.
  • Promotes recognition for owners’ maintenance programs and self assessment.

Vetting Committee Membership
The Vetting Committee is restricted to thirty (30) members who provide a broad representation of the INTERTANKO Member Companies.

Committee members take active part in developing resource materials for the wider membership as well as addressing topical vetting related issues and providing a platform for the membership to liaise with and address their concerns with port state authorities and various vetting and ship inspection regimes.

Membership to the committee is based on individual expertise and ensuring that the committee provides a reasonably good representation of the geographical spread of the wider INTERTANKO membership as well as ensuring a good representation of the different industry sectors (Oil, Chemical and Gas) that are represented by the membership. 

2017 members
Capt Steve Hardy (Chair) – NYK Line
Mr Stefanos Stylianos (Vice-Chair) – Minerva Marine Inc
Capt Ashley Cooper – Scorpio Ship Management
Capt Amit Jain – Unix Line Pte Ltd
Capt Brian King – MOL Tankship Management (Europe) Ltd
Capt Peter Helm – Anglo Ardmore Ship Management Limited
Capt Frank Lasse – Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Deutschland) GmbH & Co KG
Capt Atul Vatsa – Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd
Mr Frans Ubaghs – Asterion Tanker Navigation GmbH & Co KG
Mr Mario Grbic – Navigazione Montanari SpA
Mr Dionysios Peppas – Pantheon Tankers Management
Capt Dimitris Kalantidis – Consolidated Marine Management Inc
Capt Niels Vanlaer – Exmar Shipmanagement
Capt Elton Barneto – Selandia Ship Management
Capt Vladimir Yundt – SOVCOMFLOT
Capt Torben Hertel – Team Tankers
Mr Antonios Vrondissis – Navios Tankers Management Inc
Capt Dinesh Pradhan – Teekay Marine (USA)
Capt Panos Chatzikyriakos – Seaworld Management
Capt Sanjay Patil – Eaglestar
Mr Robert Gonzalez – Laurin Maritime (America) Inc
Ms Vaitsa Barka – Springfield Shipping Co Panama SA
Mr Panagiotis Mpikas – Euronav Hellas
Mr Alastair Fleming – Northern Marine Management
Mr Jan Ove Odegard – Odfjell Management AS
Mr Henrik Christensen – Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S
Capt Knut-Harald Berntsen – Frontline Ltd
Capt Sanjiv Sethi – Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (Singapore) Pte
Capt David Lockwood – Heidmar Ltd
Capt Leonid Zalenski – Columbia Shipmanagement
Committee secretary: Mr Frans Ubaghs, Vetting Manager

The Terms of Reference for the Committee can be accessed here.

Frans Ubaghs

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