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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

We would like to encourage our Members and Associate Members to contact us should you wish to use some of the background material for your own presentations. Please e-mail any enquiry or comment you may have to







KMW 2018 Ballast Water Slides - INTERTANKO Wilkins.pdf 556.9kb Challenges and Tasks for the smooth implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention 27.06.2018 Tim Wilkins, Environment Director, INTERTANKO Korea Maritime Week, Busan
INTERT-Power-KMW-2018-Biofouling.pdf 2449.6kb Modern Anti-fouling Systems and Biofouling Management on Tankers 26.06.2018 Tim Wilkins, Environment Director, INTERTANKO 2018 Korea Maritime Week (KMW)
Intertanko-JG-@-IHMA-2018.pdf 1366.3kb Developing ship to shore interfaces: a view from the tanker owners 25.06.2018 Johan Gahnstrom, Senior Manager, Marine, INTERTANKO Global Port & Marine Operations Harbourmasters Conference
Emma Scheiris Exmar.pdf 1138kb Environmental Compliance 22.06.2018 Ms. Emma Scheiris, HSEQ Manager, Exmar Shipmanagement INTERTANKO Tanker Forum, Rome
Carlos Pereira Energy Efficiency  Shipping Sustainability - CPE - 22JUN2018.pdf 2025.7kb Energy Efficiency & Shipping Sustainability 22.06.2018 Carlos Pereira, Project Officer on Marine Environment & PSC INTERTANKO Tanker Forum, Rome
Francesco Bellusci INTERTANKO Tanker Forum.pdf 1100.7kb Vessel Performance Monitoring (PM) 22.06.2018 Francesco Bellusci, Scorpio Ship Management INTERTANKO Tanker Forum, Rome
Panagiota Chrysanthi INTERTANKO_FORUM PRESENTATION.pdf 1748kb Environmental Best Practices 22.06.2018 Ms. Panagiota Chrysanthi, DPA & QSE Manager / EMR, Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd. INTERTANKO Tanker Forum, Rome
Luca Letizia_Herbert Engineering Corp.pdf 686.5kb Successful Scrubber Projects 22.06.2018 Dr. Luca Letizia, MD, Herbert Engineering Europe (UK) INTERTANKO Tanker Forum, Rome