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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

We would like to encourage our Members and Associate Members to contact us should you wish to use some of the background material for your own presentations. Please e-mail any enquiry or comment you may have to







INTERTANKO- Sustainable shipping and its impact on vessels efficiency.pdf 1393kb Sustainable Shipping and its Impact on Vessel’s Efficiency 09.10.2018 Elfian Harun, Environment Manager, INTERTANKO Singapore Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum, Singapore
Final 22nd Asian Regional Panel slides.pdf 6237.1kb INTERTANKO Asian Regional Panel slides 05.10.2018 Various INTERTANKO Asian Regional Panel, Hong Kong
AP autumn 2018 MD.pdf 3082.2kb INTERTANKO Asian Regional Panel Meeting MD’s Report 05.10.2018 Katharina Stanzel, Managing Director, INTERTANKO INTERTANKO Asian Regional Panel, Hong Kong
APPEC 2018 Presentation-final.pdf 1379.5kb Sustainable Shipping - operating towards 2020 and beyond 26.09.2018 Elfian Harun, Environment Manager, INTERTANKO Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference (APPEC 2018)
9 JG INTERTANKO European Panel September 2018.pdf 2546.2kb Competence Management Guidance from the tanker industry 18.09.2018 Capt. Johan Gahnström, INTERTANKO European Panel, Bergen
10 PMB EP Vetting.pdf 1909.4kb Vetting Activities INTERTANKO 18.09.2018 Dr Phillip Belcher, Marine Director, INTERTANKO European Panel, Bergen
11 Equinor Intertanko Sept 2018.pdf 2469.8kb Vetting 18.09.2018 Helge I. Vestre, Manager Vetting Equinor European Panel, Bergen
8    2018.09.16_SAFE ALL THE WAY introduction.pdf 2547.4kb Providing the Maritime Academy’s with a Tanker Safety Training Best Practice Guidebook 18.09.2018 Erik Green, Managing Director, Geeen Jakobsen European Panel, Bergen