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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Below you will be able to view some of the most recent presentations given by INTERTANKO staff or invited speakers at meetings and conferences around the world.

We would like to encourage our Members and Associate Members to contact us should you wish to use some of the background material for your own presentations. Please e-mail any enquiry or comment you may have to webmaster@intertanko.com







4. Gas Service.pdf 1309.4kb Gas Service Update 12.06.2018 Phillip Belcher Hong Kong
3. Environmental Update.pdf 1083.7kb Environmental Update 12.06.2018 Tim Wilkins Hong Kong
2. Regional Update 12.6.18.pdf 779.8kb Regional Update 12.06.2018 INTERTANKO Hong Kong
L Karystios Rev 3- LNG Bunkering and the risks involved in operations.pdf 818.1kb LNG Bunkering and the risks involved in operations using LNG as fuels 03.05.2018 Leonidas Karystios, DNV GL INTERTANKO Gas Tanker Committee meeting, London
GTC-2020-GYH-final.pdf 2132.3kb 2020 Update 03.05.2018 Gilyong Han, Senior Technical Manager, INTERTANKO INTERTANKO Gas Tanker Committee meeting, London
2018-Membrane-Safety-Awareness-03-0518.pdf 1961.2kb Membrane Systems - Safety Awareness 03.05.2018 Karim CHAPOT, Technical VP, GTT INTERTANKO Gas Tanker Committee meeting, London
FSRU-BV-Caros.pdf 1675.9kb Classification of FSRUs 02.05.2018 Carlos Guerrero, Global Market Leader - Tankers & Gas Carriers, Bureau Veritas Intertanko Gas Seminar, London
2018-05-02-ecoSMRT-update-May-2018.pdf 1427.3kb ecoSMRT® LNG Reliquefaction 02.05.2018 Andrew G. Scott, General Manager, Babcock Intertanko Gas Seminar, London
GTT-INTERTANKO-Vessels-In-Service-Mode-de-compatibilit.pdf 5617kb Maintenance of Membrane Tanks 02.05.2018 David COLSON, Commercial VP, GTT Intertanko Gas Seminar, London
1_Intertanko-May-02-2018-Ms-Jannik-pdf.pdf 971.4kb LNG - Excessive boil-off 02.05.2018 Jannike Olsson, Senior Manager - Claims, Gard AS Intertanko Gas Seminar, London