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Thursday, September 20, 2018

FSU oil exports continue at high level – IEA

According to figures from the IEA, the Former Soviet Union oil exports in July were 4.0 mbd of crude oil and 1.67 mbd of oil products.  Crude oil exports were up slightly from June whereas products exports were down by 0.14 mbd. Crude oil exports during the first seven months of 2002 were 0.43 mbd over the 2002 level and products exports were 0.23 mbd over the 2002 level.

Some 0.44 mbd of the increase in oil exports came from the Black Sea ports (total exports were 2.66 mbd in July) and 0.23 mbd of the increase from the Baltic Sea ports (total exports were 2.00 mbd in July) . In addition some 1.04 mbd were exported via the Druzhba Pipeline and there was also a marginal export from other areas (Sakhalin).

Export trends since 1994 can be viewed here.