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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Korea 52% of tanker orders

When analysing the orderbook of tankers above 10,000 dwt (figures for May ), not surprisingly South Korea has 52%, Japan 30% and China about 9% of the orderbook of some 60 mil dwt. Hyundai HI has the biggest share of 13.3% of the total, Daewoo S.B. has 12.7% and Samsung S.B. 10.2%. Looking at the number of tankers, European yards have an 11% share and the average size of the tankers is 43,000 dwt. We have recorded some 181 owners holding the orderbook, including 56 owners with one tanker on order, 38 with two on order, 40 owners with more than 5 on order and 3 with more than 10 on order. Looking at number of tankers, Sovcomflot AKP has the biggest order with 14 tankers of 1.4 mil dwt. 161 tankers of 17 mil dwt are to be delivered June-December 2002, 287 tankers of 29 mil dwt in 2003, and 125 tankers of 13 mil dwt later.

There are 75 orders totalling 11.2 mil dwt for oil companies and state-owned companies. Of the oil companies BP Amoco Group holds the biggest orderbook of 12 tankers of 1.6 mil dwt,  including four orders for 185,000 dwt tankers for BP Amoco PLC which are placed with National Steel in the US. NITC has 8 tankers on order of 2.4 mil dwt, Formosa Plastics Co. 7 tankers of 0.4 mil dwt, China Ocean (COSCO) 5 tankers of 1.1 mil dwt, Fortum Oil & Gas 6 tankers of 0.3 mil dwt, Vela International 5 tankers of 1.4 mil dwt, Petrobras 4 tankers of 0.4 mil dwt, Marubeni 4 tankers of 0.4 mil dwt, and Chevron 3 tankers of 0.3 mil dwt.

The figures are based on Clarkson world Shipyard Monitor and the figures include chemical tankers above 10,000 dwt