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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The upward trend in European products imports since 1997 continues - OECD

Europe is somewhat behind on statistics compared to the US. The February Monthly Oil Survey has just been published and the OECD Europe’s imports of products in February were the highest monthly figure we have recorded since we started recording in 1988. The ‘OECD Europe, Imports of Total Products’ have increased every year since 1997 when they were 3.97 mbd. The imports in 2001 were 4.94 mbd and the average for the two first months of 2002 was 5.15 mbd.

The figures include intra-regional trade. The biggest supplier to the region was the Netherlands that supplied 17% or 0.8 mbd in 2001, the 2nd biggest was USSR that supplied 15%, and total OPEC supplied 11% of the products. The US supplied 4% of the European products imports in 2001. The European crude oil imports Jan-Feb 2002 of 12.86 mbd were also higher than 1st quarter 2001 imports of 12.61 mbd. An overview of the total product imports in 2001 can be viewed  here