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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

US West Coast tanker trade – 46% by INTERTANKO members

Tanker trade in number of voyages on the US West Coast is small compared to the trade in the US Gulf and on the US East Coast. In the 12-month period October 2000 to October 2001, 597 tanker voyages were recorded on the US West Coast with an average dwt of 66,216. INTERTANKO members did 46% of these voyages.

A major part of the US West Coast tanker trade comprises crude oil voyages from Alaska, but in number of voyages this share is not as high as one would think. 14% of the voyages were Alaska loading and 29% of the voyages were crude oil cargoes. Looking at the various cargoes transported 14% were diesel, jet fuel and gasoline, 7% were MTBE cargoes, 6% chemical cargoes, 5% fuel oil cargoes, and 4% edible oils and molasses. The remaining voyages were other cargoes, ballasting, and bunkering.

Regarding trade between US ports as regulated by the Jones Act, 113 voyages, or 19% of the US West Coast tanker trade, were done by US flagged tankers.

A great number of different tanker operators are in this trade the major ones being Teekay, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Tokyo Marine, Primorsk, Stelmar, Overseas, Polar Tankers and Attransco.

These voyages included chemical cargoes, but not LPG and LNG cargoes. The statistics include imports from non-US sources and inter-regional trade. The source of voyage data is the US Coast Guard.