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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Single hull (SH) tankers due for phase out - please check your tankers

INTERTANKO is participating in the IMO group of experts’ study of the possible consequences of the proposed new phase-out requirements, restrictions in the carriage of heavy oils to double hull (DH) tankers, and expansion of the Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS).

In the course of this work it has become clear that there are discrepancies in the tanker databases with regard to details on double sides (DS) or double bottom (DB) and on whether the tanker complies with MARPOL Annex I Regulation 13E regarding protective location (PL) of ballast tanks and Regulation 14 regarding segregated ballast tanks (SBT). This information is readily available on the tanker's IOPP Certificate, Form B, Article 5 (Article 5.2.2 if the tanker has PL/SBT). The tankers of particular interest are those that have been built with or have been converted to PL/SBT in accordance with MARPOL and delivered before mid-1982, when PL/SBT became obligatory.

INTERTANKO has categorised the listed tankers and entered the phase-out year.

We would appreciate it if those of you who own/operate single hull (SH) ships would check the linked list of SH oil tankers to see whether the PL/SBT and DB/DS details are correct. We would also appreciate knowing if the DB/DS on these tankers do or do not cover the entire cargo tank length of the ship with details as appropriate. Similarly, whether the existing DH on your tanker meets the MARPOL 13F requirements and if not, for what reason.

We would also welcome any other comments on the lists.

Please send your comments to Erik Ranheim by 5 September. Please also tell us if the details are correct. Those of you that contact us will receive an updated list.

Click here to download the single-hull tanker fleet listing