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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

All-time high tanker transits northbound through the Suez Canal.

In October this year 181 tankers transited the Suez Canal laden northbound: 106 tankers below 50,000 dwt, 42 tankers 50-100,000 dwt, 22 tankers 100-200,000 dwt and 11 VLCCs. For the two smallest segments this is the highest we have recorded for one month; for the 100-200,000 dwt size range it is almost the highest - we have previously recorded 23 transits.

The graph also shows a record number of overall transits for the year 2005 – well ahead even of 1987. 

In 1997 88% of the tankers that transited the Canal were below 50,000 dwt. The size segments (by number) projected for 2005 are: 63% tankers below 50,000 dwt (1058 transits), 19% tankers 50-100,000 dwt, 10% 100-200,000 dwt and 8% VLCCs. The VLCCs transit the Canal partly laden after having discharged part of the cargo for transportation through the SUMED pipeline.  

The southbound VLCC transits in ballast declined from 242 transits in 2003, to 192 transits in 2004 and the projection for 2005 is 163 transits.  The peak was in 1991 when 488 VLCCs transited the Canal southbound in transit. Today’s decline is due to there being fewer VLCCs trading laden from the Middle East to Europe.  

Link to the Suez Canal statistics  

Contact: Erik Ranheim