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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Still a fragmented aframax ownership

Johan G. Olsen lists 694 aframaxes (including 30 OBOs) plus 147 orders in their September 2005 aframax report. 

Teekay is the biggest aframax owner with 49 ships (7% share), Malaysian International Shipping Corp. Bhd. (MISC) has 38 and General Maritime 26 ships (4% share). There are 11 owners with 10 to 17 tankers, and altogether the 14 biggest owners have 264 ships or 38% of the total aframax fleet. There are another 34 owners with five to ten ships and altogether the 48 owners with 5 aframaxes or more have a 69% market share.  

Johan G. Olsen lists 135 aframaxes fixed on contracts for 2007 and later, including 34 tankers on order.  

There are 184 ships built in the 1980s (including 1990), 256 aframaxes built in the 1990s, and 251 aframaxes built so far this decade.

Contact: Erik Ranheim