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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tankers converted to double hulled carriers

Tankers converted to double hulled carriers


With much having been written recently about conversion activity, we have obtained concrete information on actual conversions to double hull of tankers above 60,000 dwt.


Our information concerns 4 panamaxes, 9 aframaxes, 3 suezmaxes and 2 VLCCs, one of which was converted to a double hulled ore carrier. The 18 tankers belong to 10 owners with one owner having carried out 4 conversions and two owners 3 conversions. 11 of the tankers converted already had a double bottom (5) or double sides (6), the rest were single hulled. The tankers were built in 1981-1993.


The impact on supply will be minimal. These tankers will be taken out of service for a couple of months for conversion, and when they come back into service they will ‘count’ as new tankers added to their original phase-out years. This means that, for the single hull conversions, there will be another seven double hulled tankers of 0.850 m dwt added in 2010. The double bottomed/sided ones, prior to conversion, would have been able to trade until the age of 25 years old and so will be added as new tankers to their phase-out year.


Click here to view details of the tankers converted.


Our list is not confirmed or complete and if anybody has information on conversions, we would welcome an exchange.


Contact: Erik Ranheim