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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

World Ocean Council to create coalition of industries 24-25 June in New York

Ocean industry representatives from around the world will meet in New York in late June (24-25th) to work together on tackling shared marine environmental challenges. The inaugural meeting of the World Ocean Council will bring together business community members interested in developing an unprecedented collaborative approach towards improving the health of the marine environment.


Representatives from the shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, cruise ship tourism, aquaculture, ports and other ocean industries will be participating. The meeting will be kicked off by Georg Kell, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, and Vaclav Mikulka, Director of the United Nations Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea.


The health of the seas depends on developing a more comprehensive approach to sustainability and stewardship by business. A growing number of companies are trying to be responsible, but collective efforts beyond those of a few companies or even a whole sector are needed to address the combined effects on the global ocean ecosystem,” said Paul Holthus, Executive Director of the World Ocean Council.


The phenomenal growth of shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, cruise tourism, aquaculture and other ocean uses is resulting in cumulative impacts to the marine environment, perhaps even affecting the ocean’s crucial role in regulating climate. “If we are thinking globally, oceanically and collectively, rather than considering our own narrow industry requirements, the World Ocean Council could be a very good idea,” noted Michael Grey from Lloyd’s List, an international maritime news reporter. Holthus noted also, “There is a tremendous opportunity for companies to distinguish themselves as sustainability leaders by joining with like-minded colleagues from other sectors in finding solutions to maintaining the health of the ocean.


To address this challenge, the World Ocean Council is creating a coalition of ocean industries to:


• Catalyse collaborative science to find solutions to shared marine environmental issues.

• Organise industry working groups to constructively engage with other ocean stakeholders.

• Develop sustainability standards, marine footprint reporting, and ocean stewardship strategies.

• Facilitate interaction among sectors to reduce ocean use conflicts.


INTERTANKO has been in touch with Holthus about these plans to convene ocean industry sustainability leaders later this month. This special seminar focusing on the growing collaboration on ocean sustainability issues will be held as part of the annual UN consultations on oceans. Companies taking a lead in this field will have the opportunity to familiarise NGOs, governments and international agencies with their marine environmental programmes.


INTERTANKO members who are interested in participating in the meeting on behalf of INTERTANKO are invited to contact Tim Wilkins who will coordinate their attendance with the World Ocean Council.


For more information on the event contact the World Ocean Council directly: Paul Holthus +1 (808) 277-9008


Contact: Tim Wilkins