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We thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, and hope you find the information provided interesting and useful. In this regard, we would like to extend an invitation for you to join our association.

• Membership
Full membership is open to independent tanker owners, owning or managing crude oil, product, chemical, OBO, O/O, gas carriers and FPSO/FSUs, provided they are operated on a commercial basis. Companies not in listed in aforementioned category e.g. oil companies, shipbrokers and other tanker related interests can become Associate Members. A company that is eligible for full membership may not be an associate member.

Among the Associate Members are: oil companies, non-commercially operated state-owned tanker companies, shipping agents, shipyards, law firms, shipbrokers, insurance companies, marine suppliers, national authorities, port authorities, classification societies, consultants and a host of other companies related to the tanker industry, representing a unique concentration of expertise in the world-wide tanker industry. The membership continues to grow as more companies join the Association in order to promote a united industry front in the face of the growing number of new regulations and safety initiatives.

Our prime goals are: to promote a free and competitive tanker market; to work for safety at sea and the protection of the environment. Our activities are based on the Articles of Association as approved and amended by INTERTANKO's Council.

• Membership Criteria
In accordance with the membership criteria adopted by the INTERTANKO Council, Members of INTERTANKO must comply with our membership criteria and best practices which is available here
INTERTANKO membership criteria.

• Benefits
INTERTANKO serves as the spokesman for independent tanker owners and represents its Members through international governmental organisations. The Association provides comprehensive information services in the form of our Weekly NEWSLETTER circulated by e-mail, and acts as a forum for discussion on tanker related matters. INTERTANKO is represented on all major IMO committees and sub-committees and Member companies often participate actively in INTERTANKO's work within the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

INTERTANKO membership entitles Members and Associate Members to expert advice on charter party questions, international regulations, port information as well as any other issue related to the tanker industry. Any proposals from Members and Associate Members to analyse specific issues or to present to IMO, National Authorities, or other organisations, will be dealt with seriously by the INTERTANKO secretariat. INTERTANKO's Committees continually follow up documentary issues, technical and regulatory questions, insurance and Worldscale matters, which have been initiated by our membership.

Information on market developments and statistics on the world economy, the oil market, the tanker and chemical fleet, casualties and oil spills is also available to the membership.

Members and Associate Members are invited to the INTERTANKO Tanker Events where seminars, workshops and an exhibition form integral parts of the Event.

We provide a free web service, “Port Information”, to our Members and Associate Members, which gives the latest port disbursements and details of reception facilities worldwide.

Members and Associate Members are invited to the INTERTANKO Tanker Events comprising meetings, seminars, workshops and an exhibition. This is an opportunity to listen to prominent speakers and exchange views with top decision-makers in the tanker industry.

Members and Associate Members are entitled to a 10% discount on the rates for advertising in all INTERTANKO publications and 50% off the purchase price of publications. They may also use the INTERTANKO logo on their stationery/business cards.

Members may also join our Freight and Demurrage Information Pool (FDIP), a database of charterers' records on settlement of freight and demurrage. Special Circulars are sent to Members who have joined the information pools. More details on FDIP can be found in the 'Documentary' section of this site.

Apart from two principal offices in Oslo and London, INTERTANKO has established regional offices in Washington DC, Singapore and Brussels. The regional offices facilitate a much closer liaison between the Secretariat in London and Oslo and the membership in the regions which supports the work of the INTERTANKO. The five regional panels – the North American Panel, the Asian Regional Panel, the Hellenic Mediterranean Panel, the Latin American Panel and the recently formed North European Panel – have been successful in providing a focus for the activities of the members in the regions.

• Application Forms
By following the links above, you will have access to application forms for Membership and Associate Membership as well as information regarding the membership fees. Completed application forms can be posted, faxed or e-mailed to the

All new applications for membership and associate membership must be formally submitted to INTERTANKO’s Council for approval.

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