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EU and US extend Iran sanctions relief programme

Members will recall that the US and EU temporarily lifted sanctions on Iran specified in the Joint Plan of Action . The suspension period, beginning 20 January 2014, expired on 20 July 2014. Both the US and EU Council have now extended the suspension of Iran sanctions for a further four months until 24 November 2014. There is no change to the sanctions relief other than the extension of the tim...... Login to view this article


Panama Maritime Authority consults with INTERTANKO

Following the recent election in Panama, the newly appointed senior management team of the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) held a consultation meeting with INTERTANKO and Intercargo. The senior management team consisted of Mr Agustin Moreno, Deputy Administrator, and Mr Fernando Solorzano, Director of Merchant Marine, accompanied by Mr Arsenio Dominguez, alternative permanent representative to...... Login to view this article

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Update on USCG Approvals for Ballast Water Management Systems

INTERTANKO has received a number of enquiries relating to a circular issued by a response provider regarding the current state of Type Approvals for ballast water management systems (BWMS) by the US Coast Guard. This circular indicated that the USCG had received no Letters of Intent from ballast water equipment manufacturers to conduct testing for USCG approval and that no ballast water equipme...... Login to view this article


Just five months until new ECA requirements come into force!

Members are reminded that, five months from now, any ships calling at ECA zones (Baltic Sea, North Sea, 200 nautical miles around the US and Canada shoreline, including Hawaii, St. Lawrence Waterway and the Great Lakes and the US Caribbean zone) will have to use fuels with a maximum sulphur content of 0.10% by mass. Alternative means for compliance are permitted, such as exhaust gas cleaning...... Login to view this article


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