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INTERTANKO issues Ebola clauses for voyage and time charterparties

With the outbreak of Ebola not showing any signs of coming to an end, we have been asked by a number of Members to develop a standard INTERTANKO Ebola clause.   There are a number of clauses in circulation, some of which have been poorly adapted from clauses designed to deal with other issues. INTERTANKO’s Documentary Committee has therefore developed the following bespoke clauses which draw on...... Login to view this article


Members’ fleet update in progress – please assist us

INTERTANKO's membership fees are based on Members' fleets as they stand on 1 January each year. To ensure correct and timely invoicing without later corrections to the invoices, please send us your fleet update. The fleet we have currently recorded for your company is on our website and is based on the last update for fees invoiced for 2014. The information to which we have access is not...... Login to view this article

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EU agrees on final text for MRV regulations

A report received from Brussels this week (18 November) indicated that the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union had reached an agreement on the EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Regulation (MRV Regulation). This concludes the negotiations between the European Parliament (EP) and the EU Council on the MRV Regulation. Upon reading the report we understand that, with...... Login to view this article

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MSC 94: Polar Code finalised at IMO – will enter into force 1 Jan 2017

The Polar Code, which will govern operations of all ships operating in latitudes above 60o (excluding certain areas from south of Greenland to the Russian coast, see figure) has now been finalised. Therefore, any vessel calling at Arctic ports in the US, Canada and the Russian Federation, those undertaking hydrocarbon exploitation in the area or those transiting the Arctic, will be subject to t...... Login to view this article


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