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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

INTERTANKO Managing Director Katharina Stanzel restates priorities

In a letter sent to Members, newly appointed Managing Director of INTERTANKO, Katharina Stanzel, outlines her vision and priorities, and those of the Council, for the Association’s future. On 1 July, Stanzel took over from Joe Angelo, who reprised his role as INTERTANKO’s Deputy Managing Director, after serving the Association for the past 18 months as Managing Director.




Dear Members,


In my new position as Managing Director of INTERTANKO, I wanted to thank you for your trust and the many messages of congratulations, encouragement and support I received over the past weeks. I also wanted to express my sincere thanks to Joe. As many of you wrote in your messages, we owe a big debt of gratitude to him for guiding the Association through the past 18 months and giving so freely of his experience, knowledge and energy. Having been fortunate enough to work very closely together and to benefit first-hand from Joe’s guidance and strategic outlook, I now look forward to continuing our collaboration with different roles for the benefit of INTERTANKO.


Our Association has a long and distinguished history and the changes to the way our Members do business, from technology to best practice, legislative requirements to economic realities, have been enormous. As each issue came into focus, INTERTANKO has adapted to ensure it provides its Members with the services, representation and networking opportunities that allow them to succeed as leaders in their field. The strategic objectives of the Association remain unchanged, covering the development of best practices and provision of key services to Members, the positive profiling of the tanker industry, and being a proactive and affirmative influence on key stakeholders. However the specific priorities have shifted once again and will continue to do so.


You will probably be aware from recent Council and Committee meetings that we are in the process of a strategic review of what these priorities should be so the Association’s activities can focus on delivering the right services in the most effective way. The key issues identified and agreed upon for the purposes of our five-year strategic plan are as follows:


  1. Sustainability of the tanker industry
  2. The Human Element
  3. Tanker Safety and Performance
  4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction
  5. Air Emissions Reduction
  6. Ballast Water Management
  7. Maritime Security Threats


While we may have agreement that fundamental issues such as the sustainability of our industry are of utmost importance, we now need your ongoing engagement and feedback on which specific outcomes and deliverables can and do make a difference to your business. We are reviewing our resources and will make necessary adjustments to ensure we can accomplish the objectives of the strategic plan within the manpower and budget parameters agreed with you, our Members.


I would encourage you to give us your input, comments and suggestions in whatever format you feel most comfortable with. Please feel free to pick up the phone or email me or any member of the team, or where a direct conversation may be easier, let us know and we will find an opportunity to meet. We truly depend on your engagement which allows the Association to have the strong, credible and respected voice it is known for in so many fora.


Times are challenging for the tanker industry, but with your support we will rise to the occasion and continue to make a difference for our Members where it counts.


Katharina Stanzel





Contact: Kathi Stanzel