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Thursday, October 18, 2018


INTERTANKO’s Chairman, Richard du Moulin led a large group of North American based tanker operators, including INTERTANKO members, oil company associate members and tanker operators outside INTERTANKO, who met in Washington DC this week to address issues of concern to tanker operators based in the USA and Canada. The formation of the INTERTANKO North American Panel follows the formation of similar forums in Asia and in Greece.

The overall aim of the North American Panel is to provide an open forum for INTERTANKO’s Members and Associate Members involved in ship operations and who are based in North America to promote the activities and priorities of the North American Membership in relation to INTERTANKO governing bodies and committees. The Panel should:

Promote the policies and strategies of the Association in North America.

Act as resource group for the INTERTANKO bodies, bringing forward priorities and matters of concern to the North American Tanker Community.

Act as a catalyst for boosting the participation and involvement of the Members based in North America in the activities of the Association.

Co-operate with other industry bodies in the region to achieve the harmonisation of best trading conditions for the tanker owners and promote safety at sea and the protection of the environment.

After having been given an update on the general working agenda of INTERTANKO the group got a report on INTERTANKO’s activities in the U.S. and responded with constructive proposals on how the issues dealt with by INTERTANKO in the U.S. could be effectively pursued in co-operation with other U.S. based organisations.

Former Congressman R. Lawrence Coughlin shared his views on the political process in the U.S. with the group. Admiral North of the U.S. Coast Guard attended the important section of the meeting dealing with Port and Waterway Safety and gave valuable input on current developments and on how INTERTANKO could effectively pursue its goal of safer port and waterway safety.

A new way of channelling news from the shipping sector into the cable networks was also presented to the group.

The group elected Ran Hettena of Maritime Overseas Corporation, New York, as its Chairman. James Hood of Teekay in Vancouver and Ed Roland of Bona Shipping (USA) Inc., Houston were elected Vice Chairmen. INTERTANKO’s Legal Counsel, Svein Ringbakken, will carry out the administrative tasks.

"This move will strengthen INTERTANKO’s position in North America and provide INTERTANKO’s membership with a new tool when addressing matters specific to this region" said INTERTANKO’s Chairman Richard du Moulin.

Companies represented at this meeting were:

Valles Maritime (U.S.A.) Ltd., American Eagle Tankers, Universe Tankships

Groton Pacific Carriers Inc., Heidenreich Marine Inc., Overseas Shipholding Group Inc.,

Teekay Shipping (Canada), Attransco Ship Management, Mobil Shipping & Transportation

Coscol, Marine Corp., Seachem (USA), Valles Steamship (Canada) Ltd.., Ocean Shipholding Inc., Arco Marine Inc., Marine Transport Lines, Blystad Shipping (USA) Inc., Bona Shipping (USA) Inc., Sun Company Inc., Western Shipping, OMI Corporation, Mormac Marine, Sea-Land Service, Laurin Maritime, Hvide Marine Inc.