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Friday, September 21, 2018

Revised SIRE Announcement

INTERTANKO, through its Vetting Committee, has watched the development of the revisions to the SIRE Reporting scheme with interest and fully supports the aims of OCIMF to make the system standardised and used by all charterers.

"Tanker owners accept the oil company vetting inspections as a necessary precaution against ships that are not up to standard. However, anything that can be done to reduce the repetitive, costly and time-consuming inspections is welcomed" commented Mr Hans Laurin, Chairman of the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee. "Inevitably the vetting inspections take place during loading and unloading operations and take senior officers away from other essential jobs that they have to perform. There is an important safety benefit in the widest possible use by charterers of the SIRE reporting system. The revised SIRE reporting system should now result in all the oil companies using the same system, allowing them greater use of the reports of other companies and thus reduce the total number of inspections. Once the initial inspection is entered into the system, the new format will allow owners to update their vessel particulars between inspections.

In addition, a Vessel Particulars Questionnaire (VPQ) has been introduced. Owners will submit very extensive information about their vessel and keep the VPQ constantly updated. This will allow better use of the time of the inspector when onboard the tanker, and mistakes avoided. The VPQ should become a useful means for owners and charterers to exchange basic information on the vessel, making the chartering procedure more simplified. It is a step in making the tanker industry more transparent.

In summary, INTERTANKO welcomes the new SIRE initiative and would like to congratulate OCIMF with this important progress."

INTERTANKO will be publishing Guidelines for tanker owners on how to complete the forms so that there is the greatest consistency and fullest understanding by all parties. This will be available in the new Vetting Inspection Publication to be published in May 1997.

For more information contact:
Robert Bishop Tel: +47 22 12 2670

Hans Laurin Tel: +44 171 495 7301