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Saturday, October 20, 2018

INTERTANKO will continue to be concerned with navigational and safety issues as well as masters' fates, Worldwide

Dagfinn Lunde, Managing Director of INTERTANKO,(The International Association of Independent tanker Owners) confirms, as stated in a press release issued June 23rd, that INTERTANKO has closely followed the court proceedings in Singapore related to the Orapin Global and Evoikos incident last October in the Malacca Straights.

Dagfinn Lunde feels it is premature to comment at this stage on the reported sentences given to the respective Masters, as both men have a ten day period in which to appeal or not. Just as various members of the Maritime Port Authorities of Singapore endorsed Intertanko's Chain of Responsibility concept last May
during INTERTANKO's Tanker Event held in Singapore, INTERTANKO endorses wholeheartedly the resolve of Singapore, as stated by District Judge Soon, to do all in its power for ensuring safe navigation in such confined waters.

However, as the Chain of Responsibility clearly illustrates, ship and shore are totally dependent on one another when vessels are navigating in confined spaces close to shore and whether entering or leaving port. Well timed communication through VTIS systems must ensure the necessary safety of navigation.

Large vessels, tankers included, are driven by responsible Masters who know all too well the hazards and dangers of their trade. There are huge pressures resting on these men's shoulders, of commercial, technical and even meteoroligical nature. The same responsibility must rest on the shore based authorities, who in
unison with Masters, and in good time, must ensure the safety of human life and cargo. All know that timing is crucial, and INTERTANKO welcomes a closer scrutiny at the precise interraction between the VTIS and the vessels involved.

INTERTANKO also wishes to cast light on situations where Masters are being detained for months on end in foreign countries before any hearing take place.

As men of honour, they should be trusted to go back to visit their families and respective countries, to then return for court hearings.

The proverbial "no responsibility without authority" must be clearly defined. Accidents through human error, throughout the world, must be studied from all angles. The causes found in each particular case will help ensure total safety for the future. INTERTANKO does not condone negligent and careless attitude from anyone. It has always advocated safety at sea, and has entered in numerous successful dialogues with other maritime safety and regulatory bodies worldwide, such as for example the IMO, the USCG, and the European Commission.

This week, the IMO opens the 44th session of its Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation.

INTERTANKO will be present and reiterate its resolve to co-operate with countries, maritime bodies and all who share the same goals of protecting our seas, our ships, and of course our sea farers without whom the International transport of any cargo by sea would not be possible. INTERTANKO will continue to press for adoption of the 4S type transponder aboard vessels.

INTERTANKO, continues to advocate that human resources are the most valuable resources we have, and all involved on shore and ships must learn to interract in unison, in time, and responsibly.

The Singapore straights is only one area in the world which presents Navigational hazards, but INTERTANKO is confident, based on its excellent relations with this great Nation's Maritime bodies, that progress will be made in communicating better for the safety of all involved, and that it will restore the confidence of Masters in pursuing their, at times, hazardous careers.

The INTERTANKO membership includes, as Full Members, 276 tanker companies with 1,959 tankers totalling 169 million tons deadweight. This is equivalent to 75% of all independently owned tanker tonnage worldwide. In addition, there are 286 INTERTANKO Associate Member companies