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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Year 1999




Year 1999 - Overview

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INTERTANKO Tankers Represent Only 1% of Ships Detained

Ship detention figures released by the major worldwide port state control authorities for the period September-October 1999 show that tankers belonging to INTERTANKO members accounted for only 0.65 per cent of the ships detained. This represents an improvement over the percentage recorded by INTERTANKO vessels for the first eight months of this year and brings the aggregate percentage of...... More


Industry Association Chairmen Meet

A third inter/industry meeting of the chairmen of the principal shipowners' organisations took place in London, 29 September. Present were Rolf Westfal-Larsen (Chairman of ICS and President of ISF), Frederic Tsao, Chairman of INTERCARGO), Philippe d'Orsay (President of BIMCO) and Westye Høegh (Chairman of INTERTANKO) - who hosted the meeting - together with their respective chief executives. ... More


Y2K Clauses - The Dangers of Promising too Much

Whilst charterparties are, to a large extent based on standard forms, they are also subject to the inclusion of many amendments and additional clauses. These clauses need to be scrutinised with care, as their implications may be more far reaching than initially envisaged. The additional clauses and their effect are also often less well known than the provisions in the standard forms. ... More


INTERTANKO Pleased with US Supreme Court Action Directing Review of Washington State Tanker Regulations

On Friday, 10 September 1999, the United States Supreme Court issued a writ to the federal appellate court that reviews decisions in the western United States directing a review of that court's disposition of litigation challenging tanker regulations imposed by the State of Washington. INTERTANKO had petitioned the Supreme Court for issuance of the writ. ... More


INTERTANKO Welcomes Special Area Status for North West European Waters under MARPOL

The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) has welcomed the entry into force on 1 August of new requirements prohibiting the discharge into the sea of oil or oily mixtures from any oil tanker and any other ship over 400 gross tons in North West European waters. Introduced under the 1997 amendments to the Marine Pollution (MARPOL 73/78) Convention, the requirements...... More


Industry Association Chairmen Meet

A second inter-industry meeting of the chairmen of the principal international shipowners' organisations took place in London yesterday, 6 May. Present were Ronald Bergman (President of BIMCO), Westye Hoegh (Chairman of Intertanko), Frederic Tsao (Chairman of Intercargo) and Rolf Westfal- Larsen (Chairman of ICS and President of ISF) - who hosted the meeting - together with their respective chi...... More


Unlawful detention of tanker captains and crews, vigorously opposed by INTERTANKO

The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) is deeply concerned about the increasing tendency by nations to unlawfully detain tanker captains, and in some cases crews, for extended periods, without trial, following oil spill incidents. INTERTANKO is also concerned about the prolonged detention of the ships themselves in many cases. ... More


US transportation secretary Rodney Slater applauds tanker owners' contribution to maritime safety at INTERTANKO Houston tanker event

Speaking in Houston, Texas on 27 April, the US Secretary of Transportation, The Honorable Rodney Slater, thanked the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) for its valuable contributions to current initiatives aimed at improving safety in US waterways. In comments to the Association's Annual General Meeting, Secretary Slater stated that the US marine transportation...... More


Asian regional office plans for a busy year in 1999

The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) officially opened its new Asian Representative Office at a special ceremony in Singapore on Monday, 1 March. The new office marks the culmination of a concerted effort to increase INTERTANKO's presence in the Asian region in recent years. The initiative was launched in 1997 when the Association established its Asian Regiona...... More