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Friday, November 16, 2018

The members of INTERTANKO support Bahamas call

The members of INTERTANKO wholeheartedly support the call of Bahamas for immediate access to the Prestige Captain Mangouras.

It is then hoped that his release would be imminent.

INTERTANKO is seriously concerned that the detention of the Master of the oil tanker Prestige that sank off Spain 19 November is impeding a full, prompt and independent investigation of the incident.

The tanker Master Captain Mangouras has remained in custody of the Spanish authorities held against a bail of Euro 3 Million since he came off the ship after he and the Chief Engineer and the Chief Officer waived their right to be rescued and remained on-board to try to save the tanker.

Click here for press release of 2 December ‘INTERTANKO calls for immediate release of the Prestige Captain’

Click here for the Bahamas statement of 3 December to IMO MSC