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Thursday, November 15, 2018

INTERTANKO -Intercargo - formation of joint secratariat

Member companies of INTERTANKO (representing tanker shipping interests) and INTERCARGO (representing dry bulk shipping interests) have agreed to administrative and policy changes that will improve and streamline the Associations’ management.

Concurrent meetings in London of members of both Associations - the Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting of INTERCARGO and the Executive Committee and Council of INTERTANKO  - resulted in members agreeing to recommendations prepared by an in-house Advisory Committee
*   A single secretariat structure will be created
The head of the newly-combined secretariat structure will be Dr Peter Swift of INTERTANKO

*  The two associations will continue to maintain their respective independent identities and areas of expertise. Each will continue to serve its respective membership with its own Managing Director or Secretary-General and Chairmen. Mr Roger Holt, Secretary-General of INTERCARGO, will continue to act as the focal point for dry cargo matters.

The organisations have reaffirmed their support for the principles set out in the Industry Direction Paper, which has involved the input of the two respective memberships as well as the other members of the Round Table of International Maritime Associations.

Speaking at a joint dinner organised for 130 members of both associations at London's Ironmongers’ Hall on 18th September, INTERTANKO's Chairman, Mr Lars Carlsson, welcomed the move, saying:

"The opportunity to embrace change and to work more closely together will bring benefits to members of both associations and will serve to further our vision in the field of quality and safety. Together with our colleagues in the Round Table associations, the international shipping community has demanded a change for the better in these two aims. Creating synergy between INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO will help achieve this objective"

Also welcoming the move was Intercargo’s Chairman, Mr Frederick Tsao :

"Unlocking the potential from a single secretariat structure without creating a merger situation and retaining the names of INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO – long since identified with the cause of quality and safety - will be enormously beneficial to our memberships. The creation of a unified strategy based on the Direction Paper illustrates the strong leadership that our members seek and synergy with INTERTANKO will help us to engage others – particularly charterers, finance and insurance interests  - in our cause."

Moves to progress these recommendations will take place over the next few months. More immediately, the INTERCARGO and INTERTANKO secretariats will move into new shared offices at St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3 with effect from 1 October 2003.


Mr Rob Lomas, Intercargo, telephone: +44 20 7638 3989 Mobile: +44 7789 203622

Mr Bill Box, INTERTANKO, telephone +44 20 7623 4311  Mobile +44 774 380 1487

Note for the Editor:


INTERTANKO has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the oil, products and chemicals needed to keep the world economy turning are shipped safely, responsibly and competitively.

Membership is open to independent tanker owners and operators of oil and chemical tankers, i.e. non-oil companies and non-state controlled tanker owners, who fulfil the Association's membership criteria. Independent owners operate some 80% of the world's tanker fleet and the vast majority are INTERTANKO members.  The organisation has over 240 members, whose combined fleet comprises more than 2,160 tankers totalling over 160 million dwt - 70% of the world's independent tanker fleet above 10,000 dwt. INTERTANKO's associate membership stands at over 270 companies with an interest in shipping of oil and chemicals.

INTERTANKO is a forum where the industry meets, policies are discussed and statements are created. It is a valuable source of first-hand information, opinions and guidance. INTERTANKO has a vision of a professional, efficient and respected industry, that is dedicated to achieving safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition.


Intercargo's vision is for a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly dry cargo maritime transport industry where its member's ships serve world trade operating competitively, safely and profitably. Intercargo represents the interests of 62 full and 49 Associate members who between them own or operate about 800 dry cargo ships. Promoting their interests in regulatory fora such as IMO and IACS, Intercargo is working closely with the other members of the Round Table of maritime associations to promote a safe, high quality, efficient and profitable industry.

The Round Table of International Maritime Associations

The Round Table of International Maritime Associations is comprised of BIMCO, ICS - The International Chamber of Shipping, Intercargo - The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners and INTERTANKO - The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners.