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Friday, September 21, 2018

INTERTANKO strengthens its presence for chemical tanker owners

To further enhance its service to chemical tanker owners INTERTANKO is pleased to announce the promotion of Captain Howard Snaith to Marine and Chemical Director. Captain Snaith joined INTERTANKO in 2000 as Marine Manager. In addition, Ms Margaret Doyle has been appointed as Chemical Manager.

In recent years the number of chemical tankers within the INTERTANKO fleet has been steadily increasing. Today INTERTANKO represents chemical companies with over 576 chemical tankers, or close to 30% of the tankers registered in INTERTANKO.

Until recently chemical tanker owners’ interests were represented through an open forum within INTERTANKO called the Chemical Tanker Owners’ Advisory Group (CTOAG). As a result of a review of its terms of reference the CTOAG was elevated to the full status of a committee and renamed the Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC). This Committee meets twice a year rotating between Europe and the Far East.

To ensure that the Americas are fully represented, INTERTANKO inaugurated the Chemical Tanker Sub-Committee – Americas (CTSCA) in April 2003.  This Sub-committee of the CTC aims to support the work of the CTC whilst handling specific regional issues that arise from both North and South America.

The Association’s Managing Director, Dr Peter Swift comments: “The strengthening of INTERTANKO’s presence in this area and through Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC) and Chemical Tanker Subcommittee – Americas (CTSCA) will allow us to expand the range of issues that the Association can address to further the interests of independent chemical tanker owners and ensure that chemical tanker owner' interests are best reflected in the chemical industry’s day-to-day trading activities and market developments”. 

INTERTANKO also has NGO status at IMO and participates in all the IMO meetings, including Bulk Liquid Gases Subcommittee (BLG), Marine Environmental Pollution Committee (MEPC), Evaluation of Safety Pollution Hazards Working Group (ESPH), the Marine Safety Committee (MSC), and associated sub-committees.  INTERTANKO logged 3,500 man-hours representing its members at IMO during 2002. INTERTANKO is represented in Washington, DC and Brussels with a US office and a full time political consultant in Brussels. In addition we maintain close contacts with the US Coast Guard Chemical Tanker Advisory Committee and have a close working relationship with FOSFA (The Federation of Oil Seeds and Fats Association).

INTERTANKO is active on a number of fronts and the principal issues are summarised in our brochure ‘INTERTANKO – global forum for chemical tanker owners’

For further information please contact:

Howard Snaith, Marine and Chemical Director

Phone: +44 20 7623 9685    Fax: +44 20 7626 7078

Sally Woulfe, Communications Manager
Phone: +44 20 7623 4311 Fax: +44 20 7626 7078

Note for the Editor:

INTERTANKO has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the oil, products and chemicals keep the world economy turning is shipped safely, responsibly and competitively.

Membership is open to independent tanker owners and operators of oil and chemical tankers, i.e. non-oil companies and non-state controlled tanker owners, who fulfil the Association's membership criteria.  Independent owners operate some 80% of the world's tanker fleet and the vast majority are INTERTANKO members. As of June 2003, the organisation has 242 members, whose combined fleet comprises more than 2,160 tankers totalling 160 million dwt, which is 70% of the world's independent tanker fleet above 10,000 dwt. INTERTANKO's associate membership stands at 273 companies with an interest in shipping of oil and chemicals.

INTERTANKO is a forum where the industry meets, policies are discussed and statements are created. It is a valuable source of first-hand information, opinions and guidance. INTERTANKO has a vision of a professional, efficient and respected industry, that is dedicated to achieving safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition.