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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Poseidon Challenge

The Poseidon Challenge is an initiative which takes the vision of the tanker industry as a responsible, sustainable and respected industry with the ability to influence its own destiny; examines our commitment to realising that vision; challenges every link in the chain of responsibility, and every individual participant, to take practical steps achieve that vision.

The tanker industry understands that its reputation has been tarnished by previous incidents and the way that some of them have been handled. It recognises that a large part of the impressive investment by shipowners in the modernisation of the world’s tanker fleet has been driven by regulation rather than by industry initiative. It therefore wishes to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to continuous improvement that is evidenced by facts and by statistics but barely recognised by the world at large.

This commitment is to the industry’s service of its customers and of the public, whereby the liquid energy, on which civilisation as we know it depends, is delivered safely, reliably, efficiently and cleanly, and in a sustainable relationship with the environment. “Quality of service and the protection of the environment are paramount,” says INTERTANKO Chairman Stephen Van Dyck. “This is a team effort. No participant should see himself as isolated from this joint effort towards a goal in which everyone believes. Continuous improvement should be considered as everyone’s challenge, not just that of the shipowners and operators. Every participant by his attitude and work ethic can and does affect not only his link in the chain of responsibility but also every other link in the chain, and ultimately the overall quality of service provided by the shipping industry.”

The genesis of the Poseidon Challenge was at INTERTANKO’s 2005 Athens Tanker Event, where it was born out of an assembly of INTERTANKO members and their guests at the Temple of Poseidon, Ancient Greek God, Lord and Guardian of the Sea. The gathering recognised the relationship between the tanker industry and the environment, our precious heritage, and the need for a sustainable relationship between the two. The Athens Tanker Event saw a particularly broad gathering of key players from every part of the tanker stage, giving the idea that these people should use their creative initiative and leadership to work together to reach out and touch their vision.

The Poseidon Challenge involves everyone in the energy and chemical transportation industries. All are involved. All can add their contribution. But each one of us is limited by his/her particular strengths and weaknesses – and making a stand on one’s own limits effectiveness. The same thing applies to individual links in the chain of responsibility where two links might be pulling in opposite directions to achieve the same ultimate goal. That is why individuals should contribute to their ‘link’ and each link should work as part of the chain, contributing to its overall strength.   

The Poseidon Challenge sets up the platform for a new proactive initiative, for a new debate which is NOT merely focused on public opinion and fears, which is NOT centred on blame and punishment, which is NOT aiming just to sort out the mess after an incident. “It initiates activities bringing together all the stakeholders and participants in the energy transportation business in a common effort to achieve practical and effective action,” says INTERTANKO Managing Director Peter Swift,

It involves key figures from different parts of the chain of responsibility, in an atmosphere of increasing mutual trust, aiming to achieve a practical commitment to work together to fulfil their vision, and to achieve a goal that everyone believes in, where quality of service and protection of the environment are paramount.

The Poseidon Challenge has now been launched. Key industry figures from links in the chain of responsibility (inter alia builders,owners/operators, charterers, class, insurance, ports, flag/port states, regulators) are being invited to vouch for their part in this bid to become the industry we want to be. The venue is INTERTANKO’s next Tanker Event March 29-31 2006 in Singapore, crossroads between East and West.