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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Responsibility & Continuous Improvement

"The whole industry is responsible for safety, not just those at the coalface," said Captain Howard Snaith, Marine Director of INTERTANKO in his presentation at this week's Indian Shipping Summit Conference in Mumbai.

Whilst highlighting India's total commitment to safe sea transport, as well as noting its buoyant shipping activity - its refining capacity alone has more than doubled in the last 15 years - Capt. Snaith pointed out that it was, none the less, up to the whole industry, not just the tanker owners, to make a commitment to achieve the best possible standards as they go about satisfying the needs of their customers and the expectations of the public. "Continuous improvement should be considered as everyone’s challenge, not just that of the shipowners and operators."

INTERTANKO is inviting all participants in the Chain of Responsibility to seek ways to continually improve the way our industry goes about its business and to join INTERTANKO members in a sustained commitment to continuous improvement. "It is a genuine, firm challenge to each and every one of us in the industry," said Capt. Snaith.