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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Year 2006





Without shipping, international trade in the raw materials, energy products and affordable manufactured goods and food that help sustain our civilisation would be virtually impossible and the world would grind to a halt -   half of us would starve, the other half would freeze!     Thursday 29 September is World Maritime Day. The theme this year is ‘International Shipping – carrier of world...... More


Shipowners, Shipbuilders and Class gather in Seoul for sixth Tripartite Dialogue

International gathering of ship owners, shipbuilders and classification societies addresses key areas of cooperation to further improve shipping standards   Summary The sixth annual Tripartite Dialogue took place 14-16 September 2006 in Seoul , South Korea , gathering together over 70 senior representatives from the shipbuilding sector, the ship owners and the classification societies.   Presen...... More


New Poseidon Challenge Publication launched in Greece

The Poseidon Challenge publication, launched this week in Athens with a media gathering on board the schooner Mania in the lee of Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, is a summary of the expressions of support , enthusiasm and commitment of leading influential and authoritative figures of the maritime world, who met earlier this year in Singapore for the first Poseidon Challenge Day, to...... More


Decision of US District Court welcomed by INTERTANKO

The State of Massachusetts has been permanently enjoined by the U.S. District Court in Massa chusetts from enforcing the State of Massachusetts Oil Spill Prevention Act 2004. In a decision announced 24.07.2006, the Court called the statute unconstitutional, asserting that it tries to make law in areas that are reserved exclusively to the Federal Government. The Court concluded, “ The challenged...... More


Year 2006 - Overview

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EU Ship Source Pollution Directive - High Court Ruling


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INTERTANKO Council launches human element initiative at Singapore Tanker Event

INTERTANKO’s Singapore Tanker Event attracted more than 400 to register for a varied programme of workshops, market discussion and the Poseidon Challenge.... More


INTERTANKO & others v. The Secretary of State for the Department for Transport

JOINT PRESS RELEASE BY:  INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO, THE GREEK SHIPPING COOPERATION COMMITTEE,  LLOYD’S REGISTER AND THE INTERNATIONAL SALVAGE UNION Press embargo until 0900 GMT 24 January 2006 INTERTANKO & others v. The Secretary of State for the Department for Transport A broad coalition of shipping industry organisations has brought legal proceedings to test the validity of the EU Directive on...... More


INTERTANKO/INTERCARGO & the Danish Maritime Authority join forces on pilotage

As a result of mutual discussions, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO and the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) have agreed to set up a Joint Pilotage User Group. The group will also be joined by the Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography (RDANH). INTERTANKO will also be seeking support from its industry partners to support this initiative and participate in the Group. The background of...... More