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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Marine Training Centre (MTC) Hamburg certified for TOTS Simulator Courses

Joint press release from INTERTANKO and the Marine Training Centre


In what is a significant step forward in the vital process of the effective training of tanker officers, the Marine Training Centre (MTC) in Hamburg, has received its accreditation from Germanischer Lloyd (GL) this week to run TOTS simulator courses.


TOTS (Tanker Officer Training Standards) offers training and verification of core competency, providing the industry with a standard that ensures tanker officer competence through onboard and shore training, evaluating knowledge gained as a result of time in rank and time with company. Simulator training is a crucial part of this training, enabling officers to train more effectively during their time ashore.


INTERTANKO's Marine Director Capt Howard Snaith says that INTERTANKO is absolutely delighted that MTC has achieved accreditation to run the TOTS simulator courses - the first training academy to achieve TOTS certification. “Many more marine academies will now push forward to complete their own TOTS simulator training accreditation, in view of the current growing demand by tanker owners for centres to run TOTS simulator courses for their officers,” he said at a seminar organised in Hamburg by MTC to mark the event.


MTC’s  Managing Director Heinz Kuhlmann said MTC’s intention is to establish a first class service for worldwide tanker operators by providing all required tanker training courses for their crews in Europe. TOTS is a main component in the MTC course portfolio.


MTC is approved to operate the following TOTS Training Courses:

·          Module 4A, Chemical Tanker Simulator Training

·          Module 4B, Chemical Tanker Simulator Verification

·          Module 4C, Product Tanker Simulator Training

·          Module 4D, Product Tanker Simulator Verification

·          Module 4E, Crude Oil Tanker Simulator Training

·          Module 4F, Crude Oil Tanker Simulator Verification


The Standards applied are:

·          TOTS, Tanker Officers Training Standards by INTERTANKO 2008; Modules 4A 4F

·          GL Standard for the Approval of Training Programmes and Training Systems, Edition 2009 Rev 05


The seminar was organised together with Seagull, the market leader for Computer Based Training (CBT) systems and the only INTERTANKO-licensed provider of e-TOTS. Seagull is providing TOTS modules 1 – 3. MTC and Seagull have signed a cooperation agreement in order to offer to ship owners the complete package of TOTS modules 1 through 4.




Marine Director

Capt Howard Snaith

+44 20 7977 7015


MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH

Managing Director

Heinz Kuhlmann

+49 40 533 0742 01


 Seagull AS

Managing Director

Roger Ringstad

+47 33 03 09 10