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Monday, October 15, 2018

INTERTANKO strikes against rocketing charge in Congo

The terminal owner has without announcement increased the Yombo Lifting Charge from USD 0.12 per bbl to USD 0.19 per bbl, i.e. an increase of close to 60%! For a lifting of 1 mill. bbls, the increase thus amounts to USD 70,000! The new tariff was introduced through a circular dated 22 November 1999 with retroactive implementation from 1 November 1999!

Upon receipt of this information as late as 14 December 1999, the P&T Section launched a protest to the Congolese Transport Ministry/Marine Marchance with reference to the Convention and Statute of the International Regime of Maritime Ports, 1923.  INTERTANKO has requested that implementation of the new tariff be put back to 1 March 2000 in order to remove the problem from existing charters and to allow sufficient time for owners and charterers to take precautionary measures in future charter parties.

The Yombo Lifting Charge is normally covered by Worldscale through a Fixed Differential. However, until properly adjusted, our members are well advised to note that the USD 0.07 per bbl increased charge will remain uncovered and thus tend to be charged to the owner.

INTERTANKO will keep its readers updated on all developments and will provide copies of the correspondence to date upon request to