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Monday, September 24, 2018

Application of 1992 CLC/FC to offshore craft - INTERTANKO Symposium operators of FPSO/FSU

An INTERTANKO symposium on the 1992 Civil Liability Convention/Fund Convention application to Offshore Craft, will take place at the Baltic Exchange in London on January 28th, 0930-1300. The symposium is particularly aimed at owners/operators of FPSO or FSU tonnage.

This symposium will include a review of the application of the 1992 Civil Liability and Fund Conventions to FPSOs and FSUs in light of recent discussions in the IOPC Fund Assembly, a presentation of the concerns among FPSO/FSU operators, and the viewpoints of governments, insurers and others that have an interest in this issue. We hope that the symposium will also provide ample opportunity for discussion among participants during the session and at the buffet luncheon starting at 1300 when the seminar concludes.

The background for the symposium is a discussion, which some time ago was initiated in the IOPC Fund Assembly as to the applicability of the 1992 conventions to offshore craft. An IOPC working group was established who developed a set of recommendations to which the operators of FSUs and FPSOs reacted quite strongly. This reaction was apparently a result of concerns that the factual basis for the recommendations of the working group presented for adoption/endorsement of the IOPC Fund Assembly were not correct and/or that such recommendations for determining applicability of the 1992 conventions would have serious effects for the offshore craft industry.

The 92 Fund Assembly endorsed the recommendations by the working group, but expressly kept the door open for the industry to come forward with factual and legal arguments to support their case. There is now a significant element of expectation put on INTERTANKO and its members operating offshore crafts to come forward with information. INTERTANKO thus organises this symposium in London in order for this matter to be thoroughly analysed and to prepare input to the next meeting of the 92 Fund Assembly.

Those interested in attending this INTERTANKO symposium should contact mailto:ann.saether@intertanko.comand provide name and contact details.

Interested in attending, or providing input for discussion at the meeting, please contact, Tel: +1(202)659 6631 /Fax: +1(202)659 6606.