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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

DNVPS bunker quality alert - Istanbul area

Quote: Within the last week, DNV Petroleum Services received several heavy fuel oil samples from bunkerings in the Istanbul area with combined Aluminium and Silicon levels exceeding the limit set in ISO 8217;96 of 80mg/kg. The highest Al-Si content was 117 mg/kg, with an average level of 106 mg/kg.

Vessels receiving such fuels may experience abrasive wear of fuel handling equipment and engine components. If your vessel recently bunkered in the Istanbul area, please ensure that the fuel quality is known before using it. At these levels of cat fines, the fuel must be efficiently centrifuged in order to adequately remove these abrasive contaminants. For optimum centrifuge performance operate the centrifuges in series and reduce the fuel throughput as much as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that such operation will remove the abrasive materials. To determine the efficiency of the centrifuges we recommend analysis of samples taken before and after the centrifuge. This may be important to help you avoid serious damage to shipboard machinery.


Excerpt from DNVPS bunker quality alert No. 1/2000. Source: DNV Petroleum Services, London.