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Friday, October 19, 2018


INTERTANKO has been seeking to ensure consistently high standards for pilotage, which is the reason why efforts are being made to revise IMO Resolution A 485. Discussions have taken place this week in the Standards of Training and Watch keeping Sub Committee at IMO.

It will be recalled that the Safety of Navigation Sub Committee at IMO in September last year had a working group on Annex II. This dealt with the operational aspects of pilotage. The meeting was well attended by pilots, making it difficult to introduce anything not acceptable to the vast majority of pilots. However this week INTERTANKO was able to get a number of ideas concerning the Master Pilot Exchange and passage pre planning accepted for consideration at the next Navigation subcommittee. There were efforts by some countries, with strong pilot representation in their delegation, to move the Resolution through as it stood, despite some poor drafting which had already been acknowledged in the plenary discussions.

The reality is that there are still concerns in some pilotage organisations which see the Master Pilot Exchange and Pilotage Pre Planning as an attempt by owners and others to transfer liability from the Master to the pilot. INTERTANKO has spent some considerable energy trying to make abundantly clear that from recent incident investigations, it is apparent that better and earlier planning of the passage between the pilot and the bridge team is a significant measure which will eliminate single point failures and which will avoid accidents. Accidents occur when the Bridge team do not know the intentions of the pilot and leave the questioning of his actions until it is too late. There is nothing which prohibits changing any element of the pre planning or Master Pilot exchange, but if there is nothing in the first place there is nothing to challenge.

Again INTERTANKO is not seeking to change the liability regime; on the other hand, all elements in the shipping industry need to be accountable. 

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