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Saturday, September 22, 2018


Piracy and Armed Robbery worldwide were up by 40% last year compared to 1998, totaling 285 reported attacks, according to the International Chamber of Commerce's International Maritime Bureau (IMB) Annual Report.

Of the 285 reported incidents 57%occurred in South East Asia and the Far East with Indonesia accounting for 40% of the total. Continuing economic and political instability in Indonesia is seen as a likely contributory factor. The number of seafarers killed declined sharply from 78 to 3, the report further states, but the potential for violence continues to be a worrying factor. Total attacks on tankers account for 24%. The IMB defines Piracy as "An act of boarding any ship with the intent to commit theft or any other crime and with the intent or capability to use force in the furtherance of that act." Please note therefore that IMB statistics range from petty thefts to piracy on the high seas. A complete detail of each incident is included in IMB's Annual Report, is available upon request from INTERTANKO's Asia Office