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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

IMAX MOVIE ABOUT TANKERS - great PR for the tanker industry - investment opportunity

An IMAX movie called the GREAT SHIPS is scheduled for production later this year. The movie will include a section on a cruise ship, another dealing with the US aircraft carrier U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and a third dealing with tankers.

GREAT SHIPS is the story of three marvels of achievement, three of the most magnificent ships ever built by man. It is a story told in a fast paced, new and entertaining style for the giant screen. Royal Caribbean Cruise lines is a major sponsor of the film and it is their newest ship "Voyager of the Seas" that will be featured in the cruise section. The US Navy has given its fullest support to the project with unlimited access to the aircraft carrier and its planes. In addition, several known actors, including Tom Skerrit, Top Gun, Michael Dorn, Star Trek, Harve Presnell (Saving Private Ryan, Patch Adams, Schindlers List, Fargo), Kinberlain Brown (US TV star), Dom Deluise and others have been secured for key roles.

INTERTANKO's PR Committee reviewed the concept and the Committee's view is that the project will reach out to a very large audience and will contribute positively to an understanding of the tanker industry. GREAT SHIPS is a rare opportunity for the tanker industry and is far more cost-effective than paid advertising. This programme will reach globally over 15 countries to an estimated audience of over 20,000,000 people. INTERTANKO has been invited to be a sponsor of the film, but our budget does not allow for major projects like this. In order to keep the tanker section of this production intact and to secure INTERTANKO input in the prologue video to the film we have agreed to introduce the project to prospective investors.

Any decision to invest in this project should, of course, be made on the project's merits in a business context. INTERTANKO's interest in the project is to spread a positive message about the tanker industry. The timing is critical and Mr Fred Ashman, the Producer Director, is seeking an investor or investors to complete the financing for the project. Mr Ashman is prepared to fly immediately to meet and fully brief interested investors on the specifics of the project including financial details.

Please contact Mr. Fred Asman for information about the project and investment opportunities Fred Ashman, Sr. Creative Director & President, Multi Image Productions, Inc., 8849 Complex Drive, San Diego, CA 92123, Phone: + 1 619-560-8383, Fax: + 1 619-560-8465,  or