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Friday, October 19, 2018


In conjunction with the recent INTERTANKO Executive Committee meeting, the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee Chairman and Secretary took the opportunity to meet with Capt. John Hughes, Director of OCIMF and Mr. John Crowley, the SIRE Manager.

INTERTANKO was briefed on the continuing efforts by OCIMF to address inspector quality and greater harmonisation of the SIRE report compilation. These two prongs will act towards better utilisation of the SIRE reports by OCIMF members and qualified non-members. The Reorganised Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (ROVIQ) is now being widely used by the vetting Inspectors boarding ships. This aide memoir takes the VIQ questions and tabulates them in a format which will assist the inspector in a smooth undertaking of the inspection. It is important for members to realise that the ROVIQ contains the same question content as the Second Edition VIQ.

In addition, an accreditation package for inspectors is currently being developed. However, it is intended that inspectors will be required to attend an OCIMF training course. In addition, they will have undertaken a number of inspections under the oversight of a “senior inspector”, whilst to remain an inspector, a minimum number of inspections has to be undertaken each year. The process will includemonitoring report quality as is currently the practice.

Other INTERTANKO “wish list” items, which we have been hoping to see come to fruition by the third quarter of this year, include continued work on the harmonisation of the SIRE and CDI VPQs. Of use to members will hopefully be the export function of the VPQ data allowing the ship operatorto use the entered information for pre-chartering requirements and avoiding the need to maintain two databases with the same information.

The revised Second EditionVIQ will be forthcoming on CD shortly and INTERTANKO will be mailing a copy to all our vetting contacts as soon as it becomes available.

Looking at the statistics, they show a very welcoming increase in the number of reports accessed compared to the number of reports entered. That SIRE reports are being used to a greater extent can only be good news for owners. It does make it yet more imperative that owners ensure that the VPQs for their tankers are entered with SIRE. It should be remembered that the VPQ information does not have to be linked to an inspection; it can be entered ahead and wait to be activated by the VIQ entering the system. Neither does the VPQ have to be 100% complete. Better to get in what you have and follow up with those few outstanding questions as the information comes in. Charterers are reluctant to approve without the VPQ in situ. INTERTANKO urges members to give this tedious task urgent priority. For further information, please contact