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Monday, October 15, 2018


IACS Extraordinary Council meeting on 16 February has decided on a number of other measures in the wake of Erika accident, and which could be briefly summarised as follows:

    • audits on 10 Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) vessels, which will thereafter be extended to ships of other members
    • all ballast tanks adjacent to cargo tanks with heating coil are to be examined internally every year in ships of more than 15 years old
    • intermediate surveys will be enhanced to the level of special surveys (hull), with the exception of the dry-docking requirements for tankers and bulk carriers of 15 years or older
    • steel thickness measurements will be monitored more closely
    • tankers and bulk carriers changing class when they are 15 years old or more are to undergo special or intermediate survey, whichever comes first; the same will apply to all types of ships from 20 years onwards

    One of IACS Members, Det Norske Veritas, has sent out a Press Release on 17 February which stresses the need “to further strengthen the self regulation of the members of IACS beyond the decisions made by IACS Extraordinary Council Meeting on February 16.”

    DNV wishes an increased transparency into the classification status of a ship to the extent that all certificates with due dates, class detentions, and other class register information are made available on Internet! DNV also suggests that IACS establish a permanent Investigation Board to analyse casualties and detentions which could be caused by Class-related issues or related to issues in the statutory certification of a ship performed by Class on behalf of a flag State. DNV expressed disappointment that the IACS Council did not approve the latter proposal. IACS agreed to establish an Investigation Board which could only assist an official investigation on technical issues. 

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    Follow the links for copies of the IACS and DNV press releases.