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Thursday, October 18, 2018


INTERTANKO has written to the European Commission in response to its proposals for new EU legislation, issued in a Communication, on the accelerated phasing-in of double hull standards for single hull tankers sailing to, from and between European ports.

The proposals were discussed with industry and professional organisations on 1 March and with EU member states on 2 March. The INTERTANKO submission explains the dramatic effect these proposals would have on the world tanker fleet. A statistical representation of these findings is given in two tables.

The INTERTANKO analysis is based on the current tanker fleet (including combination carriers but excluding chemical carriers) and the existing tanker order book, as given in the Fairplay database as of January 2000. No adjustments have been made with respect to future scrapping or newbuilding rates. The INTERTANKO findings were submitted in order to contribute to the proper assessment of the proposed EU regulatory framework and to provide the basis for a constructive dialogue at the 1 and 2 March meetings.

Table 1 shows the number of tankers from the world fleet that would need to be phased out each year under the EU proposals. For example in 2003, a total of 1,292 pre-MARPOL (pre-1981-built) single hull tankers of 600-20,000 dwt have to be phased out according to the EU proposal that sets a maximum age of 25 years for this segment.  The same year 888 single hull pre-MARPOL tankers over 20,000 dwt have to be phased out, as they will comply with the proposed 23-year age limit. Table 1 also presents a comparison between the European Commission proposals and the present requirements of IMO MARPOL Regulation 13G and US Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90).Table 2 shows only the European controlled fleet. Although the large size tankers in this fleet often trade world wide, the smaller ones usually trade on an intra-regional basis. Under MARPOL, double hull requirements are limited to tankers of 5,000 dwt and above. MARPOL 13F also requires double bottoms for tankers in the 600-5,000 dwt size range, but not double hulls. One reason for this is that for the smaller tankers it is not physically possible to provide a spacing between the double hulls adequate to permit inspection. For further information, please contact dagfinn.lunde@intertanko.comor