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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


In our circular Ports & Terminals No. 11/1997 we wrote an article regarding demanded "pipeline charges" for loading crude at the Soyo Terminal, Angola.

The oil company engaged their legal team.  It turned out that the charges had not been ratified by law.  Although the charges continued to be demanded, it was agreed that they were not for owners’ account, but rather to be presented to the cargo suppliers.

Again agents have received similar demands on a retrospective basis.  This time the Cabinda Port Services Ltd. are demanding "stevedoring charges" in connection with loading of hydrocarbon products exported by a cargo supplier at Cabinda. The oil companies have again intervened. The cargo supplier is using his own equipment entirely including pipelines for the exported cargo. Hence, "stevedoring charges" cannot be claimed when corresponding services are not actually rendered.  Furthermore, the cargo supplier carries out the export on an F.O.B. basis.  Consequently no claimed "stevedoring charges" are for the owner's account.  For further information:

Source: GAC Services Ltd., London,Gulf Agency Transportes Agenciamentos e Servicos Lda., Luanda.