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Thursday, September 20, 2018

ERIKA makes waves into the Monte Carlo Tanker Event

The sinking of the ERIKA off the coast of France last December might prove to be a turning point for tanker shipping in Europe, with ripple effects throughout the rest of the world.

The accident has drawn attention to a number of issues that have been and will continue to be high up on INTERTANKO's agenda, such as the role of classification societies, charterers, port state control, flag state, transparency, age limitations, oil spill liability and compensation systems. The effects of the accident are already starting to materialise within the industry, in the market and among regulators and politicians, and the term EurOPA is in frequent use in papers and discussions within and outside the EU.

As the first industry gathering since the accident, INTERTANKO would like to address these issues at the Monte Carlo Tanker Event, with the aim of analysing the situation and its consequences for the industry as a whole. A separate session will therefore be devoted to the aftermath of ERIKA and will take place in the morning on Tuesday 11 April, pushing the scheduled AGM into the afternoon. Among the confirmed speakers are:

Peter Swift, Director, Seascope Shipping Limited, member of the INTERTANKO Communications and PR Committee.

Ketil Djonne, Prisma Consulting Group, INTERTANKO advisor on EU matters.

Lars Carlsson, President of Concordia Maritime AB, member of INTERTANKO’s Council 

Hans G. Payer, Member of the Executive Board, Germanischer Lloyd, Chairman of IACS

Guiliano Pattofatto, Deputy Director General and Technical Director, RINA, Chairman of the Marine Safety Committee at IMO

George Greenwood, Senior Partner, The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association

In addition, we have invited Tom Moore, President of Chevron Shipping Company and Vice Chairman of OCIMF.

INTERTANKO has been actively involved in discussions with industry associations such as IACS and OCIMF, and in direct talks with the European Commission, advocating a constructive response to proposed changes to EC directives governing maritime safety and pollution prevention in European waters.  And, as these changes will have an effect on the entire industry, INTERTANKO finds it essential to discuss these matters at the Monte Carlo Tanker Event.

Unfortunately, this means that the planned session on Developments in Maritime Insurance is taken off the programme, but with the list of eloquent speakers and the seriousness of the matter in mind, we believe that a session devoted the aftermath of ERIKA is appropriate and will give the conference programme an added value to all participants.

If you have not already registered for the Event, please contact for further information or visit our website at for a continuous update of the conference programme.