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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


6 March 2000, USA Today, ‘Court backs government on tankers’

6 March 2000, Seattle Times, ‘Court backs government on tankers’

6 March 2000, Associated Press, ‘Court Backs Government on Tankers’

6 March 2000, Associated Press ‘State’s oil tanker standards rejected High court: Washington rules superseded by U.S. regulations’

6 March 2000, Reuters, ‘High Court Strikes Down Some State Oil Tanker Rules’

7 March 2000, The Wall Street Journal, ‘Justices Rule Against State Oil-Tanker Standards’

7 March 2000, USA Today, ‘High court strikes down Wash. Rules on oil tanker spills’

7 March 2000, The New York Times, ‘Justices Say States Can’t Set Own Tanker-Safety Rules’

7 March 2000, The Washington Post, ‘High Court Overturns State Law on Oil Tankers’

7 March 2000, The Washington Post, ‘Court Strikes Down Washington Oil Tanker Regulations’

7 March 2000, Los Angeles Times, ‘Court Curbs State Rules on Tankers’

7 March 2000 - Houston Chronicle, ‘High Court Hands States Setback on Oil Tanker Laws’

7 March 2000, Lloyd’s List ‘Tanker owners fear for Asia’

7 March 2000, Afttenposten, ‘Norsk-ledet rederikamp mot lokale miljøregler i USA’

7 March 2000, Aftenposten, ’ Tankrederiene seiret i USAs høyesterett’

7 March 2000, Law News, ‘Case Tanks Court's Trend’

9 March 2000, Lloyd’s List “For the good of the majority”

9 March 2000, Lloyd’s List, ‘Tanker owners fear for Asia’

10 March 2000, Seatrends ‘Supreme Court’

10 March 2000, Lloyds List, ‘Cock-a-hoop at Intertanko’

10 March 2000, Tradewinds, ‘Intertanko wins one and takes on Maine’