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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Senior officials of Singapore’s Maritime and Port Administration (MPA) and executives from four major oil companies - Shell, BP Amoco, Caltex and ExxonMobil - participated in a meeting in Singapore on 7 March 2000, organised by INTERTANKO to discuss matters of common concern.

Joseph Kwok, Chief Operating Officer of Neptune Orient Lines and Vice-Chairman of INTERTANKO’s Asian Regional Panel, and Minerva Alfonso, INTERTANKO Asia Regional Manager, attended on behalf of INTERTANKO.  The oil companies attended the meeting under the aegis of the Asian branch of the Oil Companies’ International Marine Forum (OCIMF APF). 

In considering matters of common concern, the three organisations discussed how they can cooperate and work actively on regional issues. Although this was the first meeting between the three bodies and discussions were preliminary in nature, the participants succeeded in covering a wide range of topics. These can be itemised as follows:

1. Issues arising from the Erika accident and its impact on the Asian region (a full report on INTERTANKO Singapore members’ recent discussions on this topic is given in last week’s Weekly NEWS No 09/2000)

2. Port state control (PSC) and the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding’s (MOU) 75 per cent inspection rate target

3. Underkeel clearance in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore

4. Oil spill response preparedness in the region

5. Charges and dues on SBT tankers and implementation of IMO Resolution A.747(18) in the port of Singapore

6. Vetting by independent oil terminals in Singapore

7. Piracy

Participants at the meeting agreed that it behooves their three organisations to do everything which is reasonably practicable to rid the seas of substandard shipping. These efforts should be coordinated amongst themselves and with all other parties involved in the safe design and operation of ships. Furthermore, the efforts should be based on the rigorous and uniform implementation of the existing international maritime safety regime promulgated under IMO. It was decided that a tripartite working group comprised of representatives from the three organisations should be established to follow up actions agreed at this initial meeting.

At the meeting MPA welcomed suggestions from INTERTANKO and OCIMF APF on a fair targeting matrix for port state control inspections. In addition, MPA applauded OCIMF for its plan to introduce SIRE ship inspection reports in a format suitable for use by PSC authorities. For further information