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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Further to our report in the Weekly NEWS No/07 2000, warning of a possible change in Exxon's vetting policy, a number of members have reported that indeed Exxon are now not giving period approvals, but that they will consider each ship for each cargo at the time. Therefore owners will be unable to tell possible charterers if they have Exxon approval or not.

This combined with the very great difficulty of securing an inspector to carry out vetting is making life very tough for owners. The fact that Mobil's vetting operation has been shut down has put increased volume onto the Exxon Vetting Department. There is alleged to be a 10-day period between making contact and receiving a response, even if that is only to say "no" to an inspection.


INTERTANKO has repeatedly tried to set up a meeting to obtain the new policies and will continue to do so. The Exxon Vetting Department moves from Southampton to Leatherhead over this weekend and it is hoped thereafter an opportunity may be found for INTERTANKO to arrange a meeting.


In addition, Shell is also alleged to be following a similar route. Thus, following an inspection, an owner will be told that Shell does not need to look at the ship again and that they have enough information to decide whether a tanker can be used for their business or not. Similarly, this will be on a case-by-case basis. Shell will make clear that this does not indicate a period approval.

In the meantime, the new VPQ on compact disc will shortly to be issued by OCIMF, and INTERTANKO will send a copy to each member as soon as we receive them. For further information: