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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Quality tanker operators, who have committed themselves to investing in and maintaining high quality standards for their tankers over the years, do not enjoy an adequate return on their investments. More than ever there is today a great need for rewarding the quality operators, said Mr. Westye Høegh, Chairman of INTERTANKO at a speech delivered in the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) Conference this week.

Against the background of the recent important decision of the U.S. Supreme Court and the developments following the Erika accident, the Chairman presented the priorities of INTERTANKO today and the challenges lying ahead.

Hoping that the US Supreme Court win would have a positive effect on the proposed EU regulations, he expressed his appreciation for the support received from the US Ministry of Justice, the USCG and a large number of international organisations and governments of maritime nations. INTERTANKO was happy to see that many others shared its views, efforts and commitment to the application of international shipping regulations in the shipping industry.

The use of quality tonnage is the biggest challenge for INTERTANKO in the years ahead. Mr. Høegh highlighted illegal trading, greater transparency for the ownership and class records, improvement of the Port State control mechanism, and the further reduction of legal discharge of oil into the sea as the key priorities in INTERTANKO’s work programme. Moreover, he once again invited the Classification Societies and IACS to be tougher with yards on newbuilding specifications and on owners’ ship standards and steel requirements upon class renewal; to establish a permanent Investigation Board of Inquiry to investigate class-related aspects following an accident; and finally to review the Transfer of Class Agreement procedures.

Referring to the Erika, Mr Høegh said pressure remained on Italian classification society Rina to publish its report into its handling of the Erika. "We need to see that report to know what has happened. As for the Commission's proposals, some are sensible and we can agree with them: port state control initiatives, enhanced surveys for tankers over 15 years, and an enhanced flow of information." However, INTERTANKO’s Chairman described the single-hull proposal as "a draconian measure" and said it would bar around one third of the world fleet of 2,200 tankers from European waters.

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