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Saturday, October 20, 2018


Esso Malaysia hosted OCIMF's Asia Pacific Terminal Open Forum in Kuala Lumpur on 29-30 March 2000. There were some 50 participants and INTERTANKO representatives were invited. Ms. Minerva Alfonso, INTERTANKO's Asia Pacific Regional Manager, gave a presentation on INTERTANKO activities.

This is the first time OCIMF APF had invited other industry bodies to participate in an open forum. The 2-day forum started with a closed-door meeting for OCIMF members, while the second day was accessible to INTERTANKO members and other interested parties.

INTERTANKO raised the following points during the open forum:

1/ The Private & Confidentiality Clause now appearing on vessel inspection correspondence from some oil majors means that shipowners cannot disclose to third parties, including traders and prospective vessel charterers, the approval status of their vessels with the various oil majors. This is a major concern for shipowners, as no trader or charterer wants to hire a vessel without some kind of assurance of the vessel’s standing with oil majors. Traders are not sure of the eventual discharge port or terminal and therefore need to know a vessel's status before fixing the vessel. This is particularly difficult for vessels operating in the spot trade. Shipowners are now unable to provide the required information because of the Private and Confidentiality Clause.

2/ In this connection, INTERTANKO representatives requested some further clarification on some of the oil majors’ policies and practice (such as point 1 above), if possible through the help of OCIMF. Any input from members, please  It was pointed out that it would be beneficial to most parties concerned if the information was disseminated through INTERTANKO rather than having its 265 members contact the oil majors individually, requesting clarification on their policies and procedures.

3/ Other issues raised included the timeframe within which the shipowner/operator can expect to receive the inspection report from the oil majors; feedback on vessel inspection reports and in particular how inspectors use Y/N/NA; and some questions with respect to OCIMF policy or requirements under SOLAS or MARPOL.

4/ INTERTANKO representatives applauded the inspectors’ examinations and training that OCIMF has initiated.

The meeting, which was chaired by OCIMF's Technical Adviser, Oliver Pointon, was most constructive. His secondment to OCIMF has ended and he will be replaced by Iain Chadwick. He was assisted by Harmohan Singh from Caltex, who is the OCIMF APF Chairman.