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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Since the decrease in fees for all vessels entering Californian ports following a submission by INTERTANKO (now USD 400 per vessel as of 30 April 30 2000), the Californian State Lands Commission has introduced its own Sample Ballast Water Management Plan.

Released on 21 April, the ‘draft’ plan underlines the aspects that the State wishes to have included in all individual vessel management plans. These include the following:

An outline of all relevant national, Federal and State legislation

Outline of how the vessel will comply with the legislation

Schematics of the vessel’s ballast system with sample points

Indication of any informal placards denoting ballast water management

Information on the training programme

The requirement of the IMO Ballast Water Guidelines to be on-board

Copies of ballast water report forms/records (maintained on board for 2 years)

Details of the new plan can be obtained from the State web site,, under ‘Ballast Water Program’ . It is still unclear as to how the State plans to enforce the non-payment of fees but this issue will be next on the State Commission agenda. For further information visit the above-mentioned website or contact

In addition, the Second Edition of the INTERTANKO/ICS Model Ballast Water Management Plan is now available. This covers all the relevant aspects of the Californian Sample Plan. Please contact for further details.