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Saturday, October 20, 2018


New Turkish Customs legislation entered into force on 5 Feb. 2000, in which the Manifest Visa Fee was not mentioned.

This caused confusion in the various Customs Offices of Turkey. Some of the Customs offices continued to collect the Manifest Visa Fee, while others decided that it should not be charged.

Our under-mentioned source, believing that it should not be charged, asked the Customs to clarify the matter and reports that, by their circular letter of 20 April 2000, the Customs General Directorate has confirmed that, effective 5 Feb. 2000, the Manifest Visa Fee is not to be applied.

Therefore, the Manifest Visa Fees which have been paid between 5 Feb. 2000 to date can be reimbursed via agents from the respective Customs Offices, against original receipt.

Source: Ets. A. Boutros & Fils, Iskenderun. For further information, please contact