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Saturday, September 22, 2018


At its meeting in Hamburg on the 31 May and 1 June 2000, the IACS Council concentrated amongst other topics on the two recent serious ship accidents ERIKA and LEADER L.

The IACS Council reviewed the situation and information on the ERIKA case and, noted that the special audits of ERIKA and 9 other ships recently transferred to RINA are not yet completed, endorsed earlier decisions of the IACS Meeting of 16 February 16 to tighten the safety net for older ships. The IACS Council realised that it was too early to take additional measures at this point.

Addressing self-policing it was agreed that IACS QSCS is basically sound, and will be further strengthened regarding common self-regulatory actions within IACS. IACS will introduce a Quality Management Review at Council level, addressing the performance of individual societies and the adequacy of the classification scheme in general. The aim is to achieve uniformly high quality standards amongst all IACS members with respect to all types of ships and flags.

In this context IACS Council acknowledged that RINA is presently undertaking a critically reviewing of their Internal Safety Net parallel to finalising their own ERIKA investigation.

Regarding the sinking of LEADER L off the coast of Nova Scotia on 23 March 2000 which had been classed by the Polish Register of Shipping, IACS reviewed the results of its special audit into the handling of this ship by PRS, an Associate of IACS.

This report contained evidence of serious managerial shortcomings on the part of PRS similar to those which led to its first suspension from IACS membership in 1997. The Council noted that LEADER L had been operating under PRS class, evidently in poor condition, for some time. The facts in the report were not disputed by Polish Register of Shipping. The IACS Council, in its fight against substandard ships, consequently, decided to terminate PRS’s associate status in IACS with immediate effectiveness.

Further details of these actions as well as on other developments within IACS will be presented at an IACS press conference in Piraeus on 7 June at the occasion of the POSIDONIA exhibition.

The Weekly NEWS will update the membership of the actions and developments.