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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


With a view to enhancing co-operation on energy issues between the European Union and the countries of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the European Commission organized jointly with the Ministry of Development of the Hellenic republic, an international high-level Conference with title “ The Impact of Energy projects on the Mediterranean and the Black Sea”.

The Conference was held in Athens on 1-2 June 2000 with the participation of all Ministers responsible for Energy of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the European Union countries.

INTERTANKO was the only shipping organisation invited to participate and Managing Director Mr. Dagfinn Lunde had the opportunity to present INTERTANKO’s views on the environmental and safety aspects associated with the energy projects in the region. Speaking to the delegates on 1 June 2000, Mr. Lunde highlighted the importance of considering environmental protection from a different perspective than it has been presented so far, namely, the impact of the daily commercial realities on operational pollution from tankers. Specifically, he underlined how the industry underestimates the importance of the clean seas clause of tanker charter parties, which on the one hand makes the tanker owner liable to comply with all the existing environmental protection laws but on the other gives the charterer no legal liability/requirement to provide adequate reception facilities.

Furthermore, Mr Lunde addressed the significance of accidental and operational pollution from tankers from an historical point of view. Against the background of INTERTANKO’s non-SBT study in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as well as figures showing the magnitude of the European tanker spot trading, reference was also made to the most important and oldest – or probably the most contemporary- problem of the region - RECEPTION FACILITIES. In the end, Mr. Lunde presented to the audience the most important future challenges to INTERTANKO.

The Conference resulted in a Declaration adopted by all Ministers referring to a mutual understanding and co-operation between the countries in the two regions and the European Union. Members and associate members wishing to receive copies of the Declaration and Mr. Lunde’s presentation please contact: