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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Mexico: Cayo Arcas - Increase in tug rates

Pemex has issued an official notification advising that as from 1 June 2000 the new tug rates will be MXP 2.00 per HP/hour per tug any day/any time.

Source: Canega Shipping Services, Houston

Russia: SBT rebate for Ecological Dues

Apart from the 15% rebate in Port Dues granted to SBT tankers, we have been informed that a 50% rebate is being granted to SBT tankers which are equipped with environment protection facilities for the complete recovery of all kinds of wastes and pollutants (incinerator, sewage treatment unit) and which are supplied with appropriate international certificates for the prevention of pollution of the sea by oil, sewage and garbage. An additional proviso is that the vessel should request neither garbage nor slop discharge during its stay in the port.

Source: Barwil Abris Ltd., Novorossiysk

Sweden: Increase of pilotage costs

With effect from 1 July 2000 the pilotage costs in Sweden will increase by 15%.

Source: AB August Leffler & Sons, Gothenburg

Venezuela: Increase of the “combined taxes” (unidades tributarias (UT))

Since 24 May 2000 the UT has increased from VEB 9,600.00 to VEB 11,600.00 (21%). Pilotage and Customs overtime are affected by this increase.

Source: Agencia Selinger S.A., Caracas