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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Further to our advice in WEEKLY NEWS 22/2000 dated 2 June 2000, INTERTANKO has, despite continuous efforts, not been able to establish contact with any of the following companies:

  • Iraqi State Co. for Water Transport, Basrah
  • ALIA for Transport and General Trade Company, Amman
  • General Enterprise for Maritime Agencies, (Al Bakr/Basrah?)

The requirement for drastically increased port costs is by certain sources alleged to be a scam and ships are said to have called without paying the requested dues and have not been delayed. Hence, there is reason to believe that the payment of the new port cost to ALIA, Amman, through the Jordan National Bank, Amman is an attempted fraud.

INTERTANKO has so far received no reply/comments from the UN authorities regarding the legality of charging traditional port costs at Al Bakr under the UN Sanctions, and the UN Inspection Coordinator in Bahrain was unaware of this recent increase in port cost.

INTERTANKO is using all means to clarify this situation and invites members planning to call at Al Bakr to contact the P&T Section for the latest update before remitting requested funds for port disbursements. Members will be kept updated on all developments. For further information, please contact