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Friday, October 19, 2018


Further reports have been received regarding Brazilian ballast water treatment clauses. Based on preventing the spread of the cholera bacterium, a number of ports in the Caribs and North / Northeast Brazil are requiring the treatment of ballast water by the use of a solution of calcium hypochlorite and chlorine.

Masters are advised to treat ‘all’ ballast water with the addition of 8kg of calcium hypochlorite per 1,000 tons of ballast water. Calcium hypochlorite must first be dissolved in water to gain a better treatment efficiency. In addition to this, a further introduction of 4kg of calcium hypochlorite per 1,000 tons is required for voyages of more than 3 days. This second treatment is required no more than 24 hours before arrival at port.

The owner/master is to confirm compliance with these provisions to the agents not later than 24 hours before arrival at each port.

INTERTANKO is looking further into the environmental consequences of discharging calcium hypochlorite into the marine environment together with the associated costs of such clauses. Members are kindly asked to report any further cases of such regulations and practices in this area to , Marine and Environment Section.

For further information on ballast water management and legislation the INTERTANKO/ICS Model Ballast Water Management Plan (2nd Edition) is now available. The updated version covers all the new legislation introduced since the first publication was released in 1998. For more information regarding the purchase of this document, please contact